After a brief consultation you will lay down fully clothed for your treatment,  allowing the therapist more movement if needed. The therapist will tune into subtle cranial-sacral rhythm, using a very gentle light touch.

There may be very slight movements of the spine, skull and its cranial sutures, diaphragms and fascia  freeing up any resistance or held tension. Reintegrating parts of the body mind that have become disconnected. In this way  restrictions of nerve passages are eased, the movement of cerebrospinal fluid through the spinal cord is optimized and proper bone alignment restored.
Clients often experience a sense of deep relaxation and peace as well as feeling re-connected to their own deep source of energy. Recommended for individuals seeking to relieve physical pain, poor structural alignment or emotional disturbance and those simply wishing to improve health and vitality.

60/90 min $145/$215