100% Organic Facial

Our signature Alchemy Facial incorporates DNA Health Institute products that are 100% organic, chemical and preservative free. The ingredients selected will provide healing support and rejuvenating benefits with the use of phytochemicals, phytonutrients, plant antioxidants, therapeutic grade essential oils, flower essences, essential flower and seed oils, organic fresh elastin, hyaluronic acid, collagens, proteins, minerals, and nutrient-rich ocean vegetation. You can request a free 15 min. consultation to discuss the best treatment and products to address your individual needs and goals and achieve beautiful youthful skin naturally.


30/60/90 min   $75/$145/$215

Alchemy Facial – 30min express facial utilizing DNA’s organic berry enzyme to smooth and soften the skin, manual lymphatic techniques to release any water retention and puffiness, and an Anti-oxidant mask incorporating serums and boosters according to the needs of the skin. Please look at add-ons available to any facial.

Alchemy Facial – 60min facial incorporates a deep cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, lymphatic facial techniques, extractions, and an anti-oxidant mask to assist in controlling the skin’s moisture retention. Appropriate serums and boosters are added based on the needs of the clients skin. There is a hand and shoulder massage to insure a relaxing but result oriented facial. Your skin is left nourished, hydrated and radiant.

Alchemy Facial – 90min facial includes everything in our 60 min. but takes it to another level of luxury with more time for massage and focus on areas of need. Add-ons can easily be included for deeper results .